Navigating the fast-paced world of senior housing, you're constantly juggling priorities, with residents at the heart of every decision. Time is precious, and ever-changing needs demand your full attention. Entrust your sales and marketing to the experts at Munny Marketing—where we liberate you to focus on what truly matters.

Senior Living

Marketing and Sales Professionals

Executive Level Sales and Marketing Service

Munny Marketing is more than a sales and marketing company. Assisted Living and Memory Care communities often do not have a dedicated sales and marketing person and the administrator is expected to handle these duties. Munny Marketing is able to support under-performing communities, or those in fill-up stage, by coming to your community and personally filling the community for you. We move into one of the vacant apartments and use it as our living space and a model apartment as we work ourselves out of a job.


Connecting with leads at lightning speed, we spring into action the moment referrals hit our inbox. We nurture these prospects with steady engagement, sparking their interest for a personal tour. Post-visit, we're there to guide them through each step, transforming interest into commitment. And we always circle back to our referral heroes, fueling the cycle of endless opportunities.


Discover the Power of Connection! With our dedicated team of expert senior living professionals, we tirelessly network with referral sources to boost your referrals. Embrace a performance-driven partnership where rewards align with results – pay only on successful resident move-ins. Plus, unleash the efficiency of Making Munny CRM, an exclusive tool included at ZERO extra cost. Let’s thrive together!

Staff Training

As we work, we are able to train the community team to maintain census after stabilization is established. Munny Marketing participates in activities to provide social media posts that show the vitality and joy that residents experience each day. We live in an apartment, eat the food, and learn all of the wonderful things that set your community apart.

Munny Marketing uses its proprietary CRM to capture and manage your lead base at no additional cost.

Referral Outreach

Communicate with all of your referral sources instantly. Send regular updates asking for referrals for your business. Just 30 minutes per week and you can manage tasks that would probably just not get done.

Website Builder

Your website can be built within your CRM, all you would need is your domain name and hosting. Easily edit your website within your CRM. You have all the tools you need in one place.

Mobil App

Manage your lead base from anywhere. You can do everything you need to do on your mobile app. Check your app to see if leads come in, send and receive calls, send and receive emails and texts, all from the comfort of your own home.

Most-Used Features


All conversations and follow up activities are captured in your lead record. Phone calls, emails, voicemails, chats are all documented for you. There is no need to input all of the data, just extra notes that you may have.


The people who post reviews the most are those who are unsatisfied or angry. When you ask your happy clients to write a review, those are the reviews that show at the top of the list. When you have finished a meeting, tour or interview, send your clients a review request. Their review is posted online, and your review score increases as the positive reviews come in.


Add a chatbot to your website and answer questions live from your mobile app or you can program automated responses. Catch clients when they're hot.

Form Builder

Form Builder allows you to add contact forms, surveys, and employment applications to your website. All information that the client submits is captured in your CRM. Save time by letting your clients input their information.

Social Media Management

The social media planner gives you the ability to schedule future posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google my Business. You can set up your posts for the year, without taking time out of your busy days.

Let Munny Marketing take your occupancy to the next level.


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